Wednesday, February 08, 2006

A rare moment of empathy for the fantasy fellas

A while ago I vented about the appeal (for men) of fantasy sports. Ever since I explained, in probably too much detail, why I hate the whole fantasy sports "thing," Ed has made a point to check on his fantasy league (or leagues, I don't ask) away from home. For all I know, he's in first place or last place- he doesn't talk about it anymore. I should feel bad, but I don't. I LOVE that the whole fantasy sports lexicon is absent from my world. I love that I don't know what shit talking is going on between Mark and Matt or what crazy trades are occuring. And I especially don't want to accidentally read over Ed's shoulder AGAIN all those horrific team names - the ones that all too often make that hideous connection between the scrotum and some confidence/talent combination.

This morning in the car, though, I felt momentarily bad for all of those boys out there who find their pleasure in fantasy baseball. It seems that MLB is trying to keep its statistics to itself and not share them (which, if you are lucky and don't know, statistics are crucial for gaining points the fantasy sports world). I have to say that I must side with all you fellows out there whose few moments of adrenaline rush come when checking your fantasy team. I hope that you can continue to indulge in this particular pleasure (just keep it hidden).

Company Sues for Right to Use MLB Statistics

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