Sunday, February 12, 2006

Snow Blast 2006

We're experiencing our first major Nor'easter today. Without getting into too much meteorological detail, a Nor'easter involves cold winds from the northeast and a lot of snow. We're expecting 20 inches of snow by the time it's all done this evening. This being Boston, of course, it's still up in the air whether or not BU or BHCC will cancel classes tomorrow. If this was Seattle, Jim Foreman (King 5) would be out reporting from Queen Anne Avenue, showing us how much snow he can hold in one hand. Not that the news stations here don't hype snow storms. They do. I'm waiting for the graphic at the top of the newscast, that flashes, "SNOW BLAST '06" or something like that.

The new semester is now almost a month old, so it's not really "new" anymore. I'm always a little ambivalent at the start of a new semester. There's a mountain of work to get done, but no worries, there's weeks to go before I have to start thinking about it.

Now it's time to start thinking about it. Oh, it'll get done. It's that middle part of the semester that I wonder, "how in the hell am I goin' to get all this done..."

I also have regular clients this semester. Many of my friends (and family) might be thinking, "oh boy, people actually go to this guy for help..." I must admit, it's scary. Learning to be a counselor is kind of like it was when I started out as a teacher. I have these mini-moments when I think, "oh yeah, I'm the counselor..." So I resist the temptation to say, "you know, you just can't worry about you own a Playstation, my suggestion is to play NCAA 2006 and next meeting we can talk about the In-Season Recruiting option.." Pretty sure that's a clinical technique not found in many textbooks.

Later this week I'm giving a sport psych talk at a nearby college to a sport I don't have much experience with: Synchronized Swimming. Should be interesting. Don't ask me how I got that gig... long story.

Laura got a couple more projects from the publishing company she's been freelancing for lately. One's a pretty big editing project. I think she'll be glad to do something for them that doesn't involve correlating math skills to the state standards of New Mexico or California. I don't know much about that, but I can't imagine it's very exciting.

Jack got visably excited about the snow when he looked out the window this morning so I'm pretty sure he's my son. Our car is slowly being buried as the plows drive down the road pushing the snow on the road to the side of the road. It's half-way up the driver side door. Looks like I'm going to have to out there to dig it out. Shoot.


  1. Anonymous8:05 PM

    Eddie's dream come true, a nor'easter.

  2. Love the Jim Foreman poke. We call him "Danger Jim" because they are always sending him on overly dramatized expeditions to treacherous locales such as fatal accidents on I-5 and downed power lines. Lately though, he seems to be in the helicopter more often than on the ground. Apparently to avoid all that danger.