Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Pondering in Parkland

I've got about fifteen minutes to kill before I teach class and while I should be searching for reputable childcare in Boston, I thought I would touch base with our blog. Seems the blog is one of our constancies- strange to consider something from the etheral internet a constant.

We are staying with Ed's parents in Parkland- the place we both suffered adolesence and endured, for lack of a better phrase, Parkland pride. We walked to our high school the other day, discussing the role of our friends in our lives now that we are about to move 3000+ miles away. Ed and I have had an ongoing conversation about the role of friends in our lives- are we close to people because of proximity? Shared experiences? Common ideas/interests? Obviously it isn't just one of these things and each informs the other. I guess most of the friends I've made (and kept) are people I met in my late teens and twenties; as I get older I realize that promixity is important, but if I can meet with someone after months or years or still fall into that warm, supportive, enjoyable atmosphere with them, I know I have a -- and am-- a true friend. There are a few people I've seen and am planning on seeing where this is just the case- and I realize just how lucky I am to know such phenomenal people. At the same time, we're also realizing (somewhat painfully) that there are those cherished friends whose role may or may not stand the test of distance. Walking around our high school grounds reminded me of those friends I held dear above all else in my life (as is high school and college, no?) -- as did Ed. I hate feeling sad about things/people that I haven't had to deal with and being "home" makes it all so tough0 particularly when we're about to leave. The richness of adolensce experience (from high school to college years when we still return home for breaks and summers) is such a thick presence here in Parkland. I really don't want to be reminded of who I was; I rather focus on who I am and who I am becoming. I suppose, though, that acknowledging my family and friends' pivotal role in who it is that is Me, is bound to result in a bevy of complex emotion.

Class starts in 10 minutes. I'm sure I'll look back on this and realize how dramatic it was. But, isn't processing change dramatic? I crave the mundane.


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  1. Anonymous9:43 PM

    Well said…. There are so many things we can contribute to friendship….Shared experiences - at least the ones we choose to remember throughout our lives. Proximity… is an important part, and moving so far away you’ll find out the seasonal friends who were encountered along your life path and realize the importance of their role, they had played in your life.
    There’s a great feeling with the close friends (the lifers) in being able to pick up the phone and just know that distance hasn’t changed a single thing.
    Acknowledging your past and its role in your lives is good, no more than this is needed. Stay focused on the present and who the Lord will be moulding you into.

    Now, for your new exciting adventure to start the next chapter in your lives! Embrace this and all the blessings the Lord will provide for you in your new chapter.

    It’s great stepping out of the boat! We can’t wait to read your expressive thoughts and experiences; you both choose to share with us!


    May God bless you my friends!