Saturday, July 30, 2005

Logging out just for a few weeks

Tonight is our last night in our apartment, and our last night in Seattle, for a while anyway. It is late, we're exhausted from packing, and if you barely scratch the surface, a bit emotional about moving. Well, actually, I'm a bit freaked out about someone else moving our stuff. I tend to imagine the worst, and so I'm fairly certain that we'll be one of those people who wait for our things to arrive only to discover that they were lost somewhere in the Dakota's. And that .60 per item insurance- well, mmm.. does that mean that Jack's crib only gets .60? Ed was right to remind me that now is not the time to research more into our company or even think about all the possible things that could go wrong.

So, I did go out on our deck to check out the stars - without my contacts all I can really basically see is the bright red neon cross - the one that seemed to take up the entire sky line the first night I slept here last June, but now only just catches our eye when we look at the houses below our spectacular view. I went out to pray. You know, say thanks for this last year, and to ask for guidance, safe travels, and love. I don't know why, but I keep thinking about all those walks that Jack and I took when he was just born. What I know of West Seattle is pretty much within a 3-4 mile radius and most of that is an intimate knowledge since I walked it for a good nine months. I like that when I will think back to 2004-2005 I won't think about the absolutely stressful adjustment to parenthood and the anxiety about moving to Boston, but about my leisurely walks in the residental neighborhood just west of our place- how Jack would ride along (still in his "baby" stage), just looking around or sleeping. That was when we got to know each other, I think.

Anyway, in the middle of my prayer, I realized that worrying about all our "stuff" was silly. Honestly, the most important "things" to me are that Jack feels safe and loved and that Ed & I are able to stay present in the process of this transition- to embrace the newness of it all and realize we have enough just being a family. I'm not sure how regular we'll be able to post in August (not that July was a feast of words). We'll be living in Tacoma with Ed's parents and then heading off to our new place hopefully just in time to intersect our furniture. In the meantime, please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

Until Boston-

Laura, Ed, & Jack

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  1. Anonymous10:28 AM

    I finally had a few moments to spend on the computer to catch up. So you might not read this for awhile. I feel we are all sojourners here in this world--on a journey. Sometimes it is easy and other times ther are winding bumpy roads, but then you come to a wide space with big vista views. It is all an adventure, and because we are in the hands of our Loving Father, we will grow and be looked after. The biggest thing I think is we build character as we proceed on this fantastic voyage called LIFE or La Chiam. Maybe watch Fiddler on the Roof for some percpective on this. I especially love it when Tevya is working it out with God as he goes on his daily rounds. Our prayers continue for you. Love Ya, Aunt Janice