Thursday, August 11, 2005

On your mark......get set....

It's finally arrived. D-Day. Departure least for me. I leave tomorrow morning for Boston.

Now that it's here, I find myself still nervous, but getting very excited about what we're doing. I think Laura and I have both felt the excitement of going to a new place at different times this past year. And today is no different.

Me: Let'd DO this! It'll work itself worries. Money? We'll find a way. Daycare? Jack'll be fine!

Laura: [disapproving nod and a stressed sigh]

There is still some specifics to work out: schedules, bills, paycheck amounts. But right now, I'm filled with a faith that comes from knowing the Train is leaving the station, so it's time to start looking forward (thanks Trish.) Everything's going to be alright.

Our time at my parents has been busy, but very good. We've both been able to visit our folks, see some friends, Laura's Dad even let us buy him lunch, and say some see-you-laters. Now that I think of it, saying good-bye has been pretty draining. I've come to loath thinking about this is the last time of this or the last time we'll do that, or the last time we'll see them. Laura's right, it has been tough facing the prospect of losing some of our friends to distance or conveinience. And no one likes the hideously awkward "catch-up" converstation with poeple who used to be friends, but are now some distant relic from a world you can barely remember.

So I guess I've wondered off into some Worlds-Collide line-of-thinking. Not that George from Seinfeld was right, I actually think worlds can come together sometimes. What I mean is, if we were to come back to the PNW in a few years, we'd still be recognizable to are friends and family. Boston Ed & Laura is not going to kill PNW Ed & Laura [hat tip to all Seinfeld fans out there] If we're still close with some or all of those we consider friends now, I think that'll be pretty sweet.

Was going to leave with a list of what I'll miss, but read through our posts. It'll be pretty obvious.

Boston awaits. I want to post from the road if I can, but we'll see. Bozeman tomorrow.

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