Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Forced to Live in the Moment

I just finished grading this month's batch of online SAT's and completed the grades for my online writing course at Edmonds CC. I must say, I am a bit sad reading that- I've spent the last two years in Seattle teaching at Edmonds and North Seattle Community College and have really enjoyed it. What a luxury to love your job. Funny how understanding this makes it that much harder and easier to move with Ed to Boston.

Anyway, I now have all this "freetime" so to speak. Jack sleeps about two/two and half hours during the day, leaving me at least and hour and a half to devote to pure job search and a few hours at night. I've sent off a handful of resumes and cover letters to various Boston community colleges, hoping against hope that the low enrollment affecting the job search in the Northwest isn't plaguing the Northeast. I haven't heard back, but a good friend of mine in New York said he didn't find adjunct positions until near August when he started looking right after graduate school. I've started looking into private schools as an option, as well. And while they don't afford the same flexibility as the college level, they do offer health coverage and job security- something we can definitely afford.

Word is we should hear about the fellowship by Monday. Part of me wants to DO NOTHING until then (and by nothing, I mean watch movies, walk Alki at night, sit on our deck and watch the sunset) for fear of counting those damn chickens before they are hatched. Of course, I probably should be acting as if everything is still a-go and that we will find the way to get Ed into BU and the family residing in Boston; losing that momentum might be too damaging. The great thing about this blog is I can do a bit of both: writing about our journey towards grad school (and towards so much else) while really not doing much of anything to get there.

I'm also hoping that since tomorrow is the seniors' last day at Kentwood HS, Ed will have some energy to devote to the blog. I need his witty, succinct writing to balance out my predominately reflective, serious tone.


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