Thursday, August 02, 2007

And Baby Makes Crazy

This morning I had a blog topic all ready to go, AND I even figured out a way to seemlessly transition into the fact that Jack can carry around an extra four pounds of urine in his diaper every morning without caring, thus leading me to the conclusion that there just might be the chance that he'll be the first kindergartener ever who isn't potty trained.

But, after dealing with cat carriers approved for the flight, city hall phone trees to find out about permits for our moving containers, not to mention the ongoing flaky folks emailing about how they actually aren't going to come by this morning to pick up that piece of furniture we're selling despite the fact that I neglected my weighted-down-with-urine preschooler to clean our kitchen, I have *surprisingly* forgotten what was no doubt a BRILLIANT post.

Last night Ed mentioned that we should have a second kid. To be clear, the mere suggestion of getting pregnant for me is akin to a heroine addict being told there's a secret stash of dope in the back room. Don't tell me unless you mean it. My darwinian forces are stronger than logic. Maybe it's habit; seems we can't just do ONE stressful thing in our lives; we always need to mix it up a bit. New job? Bah- been doing that for the last four years. New home in a new city? PA-Lease. Ed will be writing his dissertation this next year, so that's new. But, just for fun, why NOT get pregnant? And Ed was thinking all this despite the fact that he'd just talked with our friends last night who admited to being a bit "jaded" with the two-kid parent life.

My sister is also feeling the urge to produce another offspring. And while both her an my mom would no doubt pray for my very soul at the thought that the urges are anyway related to the biological need to evolve the species forward, something is in the air. I need to remember the 6-month long nausea, the exhaustion (that didn't go away), and the fact that we're rocking Jack's world quite enough as it is.

It will be interesting to see what we decide. In the meantime, thinking about bringing another life into the world is a relatively less stressful way to pass the time than all the ENDLESS stuff associated with moving across the country.


  1. Anonymous10:30 PM

    While recognizing the timing isn't perfect for you(I don't say that lightly!) Wouldn't it be awesome if you and April were to give birth to children around the same time? xoxo Mom

  2. Anonymous1:51 PM

    i would love a neice!!!

  3. Aunt Pattie6:36 PM

    jdybsxwAaah, that would be sooo nice for Auntie Pattie, Got fabric for babie blankets yelling at me to be made!! LOL! Sooooo get busy. God & your Mom know I'm no prayer but I'd be willing to send him a little prayer for your babies to come!! Love you all Auntie Pattie