Thursday, July 05, 2007

New Camera & Fireworks

We're on our third digital camera. Third. My mom got us one a few years back that we think Jack dropped; my dad got us one last year that stopped working over Christmas. So, I broke down and instead of spending money we don't have on a massage, I spend that money on a yet another camera. It's nice- a simpler version of the Canon PowerShots we've had, but it does the job (record memories).

The camera came Tuesday, July 3. Which is great because that's the night we went and saw July 4th fireworks. Because Boston has one of the biggest firework shows in the nation where literally 1/2 million people attend (where I can imagine much personal space is violated), surrounding towns have their own separate celebrations on days other than the 4th so as not to compete and give the agoraphobes a chance to enjoy the holiday. So, pretty much all this week you can catch some pyro-tech show in the Boston area. And while I would have liked to see the "BIG" show, I was quite happy to see the one we did. As was Ed. And, Jack enjoyed the show, too, although about half way through (fifteen minutes in), he turned to me and said, "Do the fireworks ever stop?"

The pictures above are from Tuesday and Wednesday. On July 3rd we hung out at Memorial Park in Needham, ate snowcones and waited for fireworks. The first one is from the 4th, which was dedicated to slow-cooked pork butt and resting. And, realizing that somehow the Northeast and Northwest weather patterns got mixed up (Seattle was a sunny, 85 degree day while we hit mid-60s and rain). All in all, a very pleasant holiday.

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