Monday, June 18, 2007

The Waiting Game

I should hear in the next day or so if I got a second interview with South Seattle CC. If I do get the interview, there's a strong chance I'll get the job and we'll move to Seattle in August. We've got our potential new landlords on hold, hoping that they'll put up with our waiting and hold the place just in case I don't get the job and we stay in Boston for another year. And, since Ed starts teaching everyday next week, the best time for us to move (if I don't get the Seattle job) is this week. SO, I'm home today packing the non-essentials- books, frames, files, etc- just in case we have to move later this week.

The upside to all of this waiting \ is that TNT's series, The Closer, starts its third season tonight. It's my favorite show. And, with all the impending changes, I almost forgot all about it- that is, until last night when battling insomnia, I stumbled upon the beginning of a 19 hour Closer marathon. Thank God that I can decide to let today's biggest battle become the fine balancing act of packing while taking in as many episodes as possible.

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  1. Anonymous12:43 PM

    laura i loved the closer too when i had tv. I will have to get it from netflix hopefully. Hope all goes well with your interview i will be praying. Love April