Monday, November 27, 2006

To be so content

We had a wonderfully uneventful Thanksgiving. Well, Ed did cook our first full-size turkey and it was fabulous. Of course, the 9 pounds of uneaten turkey may or may never be defrosted before next Thanksgiving- it's a lesson to us that 12 pounds is a particularly hideous side effect of conspicuous consumption (that, and the fact that I don't seem to know how to spell conspicuous).

The best part of our Thursday was when Ed, after tasting his stuffing and declaring it a success (because it was the closest in taste and texture to his mom's) encouraged Jack to try some.

Ed: "Jack, try the stuffing."

Jack: "No."

Ed: "Trust me, it'll change your life."

Jack: "I don't wanna change my life."

Okay, then. More stuffing for us. (Even though most of it ended up with the bulk of the turkey - we really are used to eating with more people).

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Why are there still radio commercials for upcoming TV shows? You know, those annoying 30-second spots about tonight's very important episode that somehow distinguishes this episode from every other week. I heard one today at the gym.

Tonight, on a very important Grey's Anatomy....there's a lot on the line professionally and personally...

Hold on here - tonight's Grey's Anatomy is very important?! No one warned me of this. My God man, usually there's a lot on the line personally, but professionally and personally?? I'm watching.

Spent most of today on campus. Stopped by the men's soccer office - the coach had asked me to stop by - he wasn't in. Went by the assistant's office - we haven't talked since they lost two weeks ago in a shootout. He asked if I'm working with them next year - good sign. I'll gladly be sport psychology consultant for BU Soccer for one more year.

I only have one class on Thursday. Academic Inquiry from 4pm to 7pm.

It. Is. Painfully. Slow.

It's a class that's supposed to get you started on dissertation planning and writing. So for that purpose, it's useful. We're at that point in the semester where everyone presents their proposals to the rest of the class and then everyone gives you feedback on what you just said.


I went last week - I belong to the Get-It-Over-With-Quickly-Camp. I practically skipped to class this afternoon (mocha in hand) knowing I could sit there sipping my beverage and occasionally asking, "how does factor analysis help with your construct validity?" My go-to question - just kidding.

Gotta run - tonight's Grey's Anatomy is must-see.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Just so we can't say "We Haven't Blogged for TWO WHOLE months.."

No, we're not dead. And, no, we aren't giving up our blog. I won't bore you with a list of updates.

The only interesting update worth noting at this moment (besides Jack's ability to point out where we live AND where Uncle Steve lives on a map) is this: last week I was driving home, irritated beyond belief that I had still had about 90 essays to grade and Ed had to prepare for a (paid!) talk to Wheaton College's syncronized swimmers (yes, they need mental toughness, too). I wasn't annoyed so much that I had to grade essays, but that I knew I didn't have the time to devote the kind of work I wanted: feedback that was useful and helpful. I came home to Ed equally frustrated that he only had 30 minutes to gather his thoughts together.

Then, it hit me. Ed & I are ANNOYED that we can't give our work all that we want to. OH! Wait, this is why we have been uprooting our lives nearly every year: to be so involved and interested in what we do that we can't get enough of it. God, what a BURDEN. It's almost as if the IRS came to our house and told us they owed us $50,000, but we had to take time out of our lives to fill out a few forms to get our money back. I suck at analogies. Here's another: realizing that you are frustrated NOT because you want to be done with work, but because there's not enough hours in the day to do the kind of work you imagine is like being told you'll never gain weight and you need to sample every kind of luxurious dark chocolate in the world in less than a week. Yeah, that's more like it.

I drive home from my community college office and realize more and more that we are actually realizing what we barely imagined five years ago. I tell you, that's something.