Thursday, November 16, 2006

Why are there still radio commercials for upcoming TV shows? You know, those annoying 30-second spots about tonight's very important episode that somehow distinguishes this episode from every other week. I heard one today at the gym.

Tonight, on a very important Grey's Anatomy....there's a lot on the line professionally and personally...

Hold on here - tonight's Grey's Anatomy is very important?! No one warned me of this. My God man, usually there's a lot on the line personally, but professionally and personally?? I'm watching.

Spent most of today on campus. Stopped by the men's soccer office - the coach had asked me to stop by - he wasn't in. Went by the assistant's office - we haven't talked since they lost two weeks ago in a shootout. He asked if I'm working with them next year - good sign. I'll gladly be sport psychology consultant for BU Soccer for one more year.

I only have one class on Thursday. Academic Inquiry from 4pm to 7pm.

It. Is. Painfully. Slow.

It's a class that's supposed to get you started on dissertation planning and writing. So for that purpose, it's useful. We're at that point in the semester where everyone presents their proposals to the rest of the class and then everyone gives you feedback on what you just said.


I went last week - I belong to the Get-It-Over-With-Quickly-Camp. I practically skipped to class this afternoon (mocha in hand) knowing I could sit there sipping my beverage and occasionally asking, "how does factor analysis help with your construct validity?" My go-to question - just kidding.

Gotta run - tonight's Grey's Anatomy is must-see.

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