Monday, November 27, 2006

To be so content

We had a wonderfully uneventful Thanksgiving. Well, Ed did cook our first full-size turkey and it was fabulous. Of course, the 9 pounds of uneaten turkey may or may never be defrosted before next Thanksgiving- it's a lesson to us that 12 pounds is a particularly hideous side effect of conspicuous consumption (that, and the fact that I don't seem to know how to spell conspicuous).

The best part of our Thursday was when Ed, after tasting his stuffing and declaring it a success (because it was the closest in taste and texture to his mom's) encouraged Jack to try some.

Ed: "Jack, try the stuffing."

Jack: "No."

Ed: "Trust me, it'll change your life."

Jack: "I don't wanna change my life."

Okay, then. More stuffing for us. (Even though most of it ended up with the bulk of the turkey - we really are used to eating with more people).

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