Friday, June 30, 2006

I'm German, but not necessarily a freelancer

And that's why I cheered when they beat Argentina in penalty kicks.

But now, in news that really affects me and the family.

I just got a call from the community college I interviewed with. The ones that actually never called me on Thursday, thus solidifying my conviction that I was not going to be hired there- and if I was, only part-time. And, therefore, allowing me to move on and start making plans. Plans that included developing my clients in the freelance editing world. And while the inconsistent feast-or-famon lifestyle that freelancing brings has been *so* thrilling, I am both shocked and excited about the fact that I've been chosen as a finalist for the full-time job. Not *merely* a semi-finalist like Germany, but a real finalist - I'll be interviewing with the provost and president in mid-July.

So, back to the butterflies and holding breaths. Ed says to focus on the process. I will begin that focus by going to get my haircut this afternoon.

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