Thursday, June 29, 2006

For Trish

Because reading about the World Cup and my career ups and downs really isn't as exciting as this. We think he looks like Paul in the picture on the right. I think he looks a lot like "Jack" in the other. Notice that in both pictures, he's wearing pajamas. And most likely, both pictures were taken well into early afternoon. The kid loves his p.j.s; if we let him, he stay in them all day: A sloth quality worth appreciating.


  1. Dont worry my girls love to be in their pj's all day too. Maybe cause i stay in mine alot. When i get dressed in the morning they ask where are we going? I say no where. They say then why are you getting dressed. LOL. See what i have done. Oh well.
    Love April

  2. Whatta DOLL!! He looks like such a "boy," hardly any baby left in that kid... And I'm rockin the 24 hour PJ until August, Jack. No shame.