Sunday, May 21, 2006

The tree in the back yard just got hit by lightning - which would've been cool to see, but I missed it, just saw the flash and looked out the window to see a big chunk of the top of the tree bounce after hitting the ground. Jack and I had been on a walk and had just beat the storm inside a few minutes before all the drama started.

We saw the storm clouds on our walk. I even paused to watch the clouds coming, which with all my training from watching disaster movies, I should know is textbook for getting yourself killed, or in this case, wet. It's always the schlub who stops to look at the lava/aliens/ash cloud/collapsing building, who gets it - haven't you watched the movies? Always keep running!

Jack is feeling better today - he was sick last night. Woke up from his nap yesterday with a fever, and didn't start to feel better until he puked on our bed around 11pm. Poor kid - throwing up is never fun, but even worse when you don't understand why your body seems to be turning itself inside out - he wasn't pleased. I don't blame him - throwing up is one of those times when you hand over control of yourself to your body. Don't want to throw up? Too bad, your body's already decided, here it comes!

I've never liked that feeling. Jack's fever disappeared and he's currently sitting in the living room with his new favorite food group - the popsicle.

Laura and I went out to dinner and a movie last Friday. Friends with Money [shrug] get it on Netflix, don't go see it in the theaters. Wasn't bad, just wasn't really good. Will someone please explain to Jennfier Aniston that playing dramatic doesn't always mean playing pitiful? You need to show us range! We had dinner at a brewpub in East Cambridge next door to MIT before the movie. Laura and I decided that the 4 college guys at the next table downing this huge pitcher of beer had probably spent their day working on some top secret government/military project involving a space-based laser weapon sys - oh wait, that was Real Genius. Anyway, we guessed they were real smart.

The Fire Department just showed up to remove the powerline from the street. It's stopped raining, so Jack and I are going to go out and watch them work.

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  1. I love thunderstorms. I am the crazy one who goes out on the porch to watch them. They facinate me and excite. Not much to do here in kansas so we have to find our entertainment somewhere here out in the plains and a thunderstorm is the perfect thing. Am i hick yet?
    love April