Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Perfect Spring day today. Warm, but not too warm - Sunny, but just the right amount of clouds, so that you're not squinting from the sun all day. I wouldn't mind a string of three or four of these days in a row.

I worked out this morning - oh yes, don't look so stunned. I drag myself to the gym every now and then. Drove up to campus since the gym there is huge and free since, you know, I do pay (or will pay) out the nose and other orifices for school when it's all said and done. You know what I enjoy the most about eavesdropping on the conversations of undergraduates while on the treadmill- the subtle nuances of interpersonal relationships of 20-year olds...

"oh mygosh guys, last night, Susie pulled a Tracy on Melanie..."

"shut up, no way...."

Laura and I went to Newbury Street this afternoon - Newbury Street is this trendy street near downtown with a bunch of shops and restaurants. I've slowly decided my wardrobe needs to evolve from the college t-shirt nirvana it is now. I recently had one of those moments where I caught myself in the mirror and thought, "good God man, you're 33, do you own one shirt without a faded college name on the front?" Don't get me wrong, I like me. I just want some clothes that don't say, "hey, I like sports and various greasy foods..."

So that was the focus today - find some new clothes for Ed. I was lucky to have Laura there - otherwise I would've just ended up at the Mother Ship, otherwise known as Nike Town. I generally don't think of myself as an old-fuddy-duddy, but what is about those clothing stores with the thump, thump, thump dance music? There are few places that make me feel strangely inadequate about myself - hip clothing stores and Home Depot's (all those people buying large pieces of wood and metal).

I came home just in time to watch Arsenal blow their lead and lose the Champion's League Final to Barcelona. Typical. I was disappointed, but wasn't really all that emotionally invested. I saving myself up for the World Cup this summer.

Jack no longer signs "more". He just says, "I want more." I realized tonight that's one more stage resigned to the past - for the life of me I can't remember Jack as a baby and that was just a year and a half ago! Thankfully, we have the pictures to remind us!

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  1. Anonymous6:06 AM

    HEY BRO!

    As i tend to read this at work, i share photos and comments with my boss! she is a major Gunners fan, she tells me that if you had seen the whole game, you would know they did darn good to keep it as it was with losing their goalie,WHATEVER! iwatched a video last nite!
    love T