Wednesday, April 05, 2006

I blog on Wednesdays

Today you can call me "Even-Steven" - the soda machine ate my dollar this morning while I was trying to get change for the bus, but I got it back when I didn't have to pay to take the bus back to campus today. Apparently the slot where you put your folded up dollar bill was too full, so the bus driver just waved me onto the bus. Nice.

It snowed today. Nothing big, but the flakes were big and wet. I liked the 70 degree weather last week, but if it wants to be cooler for a little while, I'll take that too. I know it's going to get hot and sticky out by July, so I'll save my complaining about that for later.

It was nice to see Jake out here this last weekend. Seeing a friend in a completely different context is like when characters on a TV show go to a completely different location. It's the same, but different, you know? Kind of like the Brady Bunch filmed on location in Hawaii. Don't worry, no one found an ancient Voodoo necklace or anything like that. Still, it was fun to play the oh-we're-East-Coast-folk-now-watch-us-easily-navigate-this-rotary game with someone from out of town.

I interviewed at a clinic that specializes in treating eating disorders. I felt ok about every answer I gave (in psych-interviews always work in the following words: informs, empathy, contextual, systemic) and I felt surprisingly calm throughout the interview. They want an intern at least 4 days a week this fall - which I could squeeze in with my class schedule, but it wouldn't work with my teaching fellowship (which pays and gives me and Jack medical insurance). So I couldn't give the lady a commitment to being there - kind of deflated the interview, now that I think about it. At the end, I felt like we were just going-through-the-motions. Reminded me of a Seinfeld episode where Elaine, realizing her interview hasn't gone well, asks, "...there's no way I'm getting this job, is there?" Without skipping a beat, the interviewer responds, "No, there isn't."

There are greater tragedies in life I suppose.

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  1. "Reminded me of a Seinfeld episode.." Oh, man. If I had a quarter every time I heard that...