Saturday, April 08, 2006

Hindsight with Time Travel is sometimes 20/20

There were times I took soccer coaching way too seriously - like there was a little piece of me on the line each time the game kicked off. Oh, I think at some level I always knew this about me (hell, my friends nicknamed my "Coco" once for the way I'd jump off the bench at a near-goal or rub my head when things on the field looked bleak). Of course, you always realize things like this after-the-fact. Oh, I shouldn't have worried so much about that, or dang, I wasted a lot of time thinking about what was it I was freaking out about? For me, it was coaching soccer.

I had one of these moments yesterday evening while watching BU play Northeastern in soccer. I work with the team, "doing sport psych", and see almost a dozen of the boys individually - they won, which is a good thing for the sport psychologist, because 1) you genuinely want the people your working with to be successful and 2) and this is self-serving, there's always the outside chance your work had a tiny, tiny part in their success.

Anyway, my point - well, I don't really have one. We watched an interesting, and if you can get past the all the geeky-tech talk in the first 10 minutes, a pretty good film about time travel. Ok, ok, I know, I know, sounds fishy, but this is a little different - Primer is a movie about 2 friends who accidently find a way to go back in time. The movie's got a more realistic feel to it and it feels like you're watching, than let's say, Being John Malkovich. Credit the filmmaker here, you get the sense this could actually happen. So it's more philosophical than sci-fi - What would you do if you could go back - play the Lotto? Convince Katie Holmes to not go on that first date with Tom? Give yourself advice for the future? Who's to say you'd listen?

In the end, we're always the ones that get in our way the most. That's all I got to say 'bout that - see the film.

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