Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Do you have one minute...

...for off-shore drilling?

This is what I'm asked by a member of some political-action member out on Comm Ave when I'm going somewhere. Sometimes it's off-shore drilling, sometimes it's the environment.

Wait a minute - are you asking me do I want to do some drilling? Oh. I see, you're asking do have a minute to talk about off-shore drilling. I get it. Only a minute? I mean a minute's pretty short to cover all the complexities, costs, benefits, of off-shore drilling. I mean we could skip all that if I consent now, that yes, off-shore drilling is evil and if you're for off-shore drilling, well, then obviously, you don't care about what happens to you or your children. Pig. Can we just agree, now, right here, off-shore drilling's got to go. Of course, there could be dozens of oil rigs right out there in Boston Harbor but I wouldn't know, I haven't actually had time to admire the Harbor, but that's besides the point.

Where are you going? Time's up? What are you talking about?

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