Friday, November 04, 2005

Non-Rhetoric Coffee, please

The coffee place I go to near school was closed today. Something wrong with the pipes said the sign on the door. No water. I went to Starbucks.

Actually, I don't why I go to this coffee shop in the first place. It's staffed by the type of smug, snooty undergrads that act bothered by you even being there. I was told they don't recognize terms like "short", "tall", "grande" because, and I quote, "It's bad enough Starbucks is taking over the world." Sure. Fine. Whatever. I'll have a medium, non-fat mocha. It's still ok to call it a mocha, isn' it? Or did The Man invent that term too? In that case I'll have a medium-calorie-challenged-people's-chocolate-coffee drink please.

Damn if they don't have good pastries and bagels though. [gritted teeth] So I put up with them.

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