Monday, November 07, 2005

Little Things

The volume on my alarm clock was somehow set to its highest setting this morning. Needless to say, Laura and I were jolted from our sleep this morning. Who changed the setting? We have a suspect. We'll be questioning him later today.

The ride in to school was unusually pretty today. The leaves are techinically past their peak foilage (is that the right term?) but it didn't matter. I ride along several parks where the backdrop was a mix of bright yellows, dark reds and oranges. Coming from the Evergreen State, I forgot the smell of leaves in the fall.

Locked the bike up and took the T the rest of the way into school. Decided to walk a different route to school. I love it when I have the time and energy to just try a different way to a destination. Maybe could save me some time, maybe it couldn't. Walked along Beacon, sun coming up over downtown, Fenway Park in the sunlight, the Pike (I-90) busy below me. Cut through an alley way and came out on Comm Ave across from the School of Ed. Perfect.

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