Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Oh, so Giddy

Okay, in two days we are getting digital cable. THANK GOD. I have realized these last few months that not having cable DOESN'T necessarily mean that I watch television any less (the "less" part came with juggling work and Jack) - what it means it that I watch more BAD television. Case in point: I was actually interested in the preview for this week's Martha Stewart's Apprentice. Yes, the show I watched last Wednesday night instead of grading SAT's online. Not that I wish I would have worked that night- I just I would have had a better television excuse to crash and avoid work.

I'm so genuinely giddy about guilty pleasure television (like Gilmore Girls and all those evening syndicate shows like Sex and the City). I am excited about getting HBO "free" for a month so that I can watch all the hit shows that everyone talks about - the ones that I never watch. Like, Sex and the City- in the last year I spent oodles of $5.00 bills renting all the episodes, hating that I missed them when everyone saw them the first time. I am also pleased as punch to return to food tv (Rachael Ray, Bobby Flay) - as is Ed (who is still on his quest for that holy bbq experience) No doubt Jack will squeal with delight now that we can watch a FULL episode of Blue's Clues (not that he will) as opposed to the jerky snipits online - which, by the way will also change now that we are taking down DSL and its poor performance and replacing it with the magic cable line as well.

Friends are coming over Saturday to watch Notre Dame- Ed is THRILLED. He told me the other night that he hasn't been this excited to watch the Irish play since before we were together (that's over a decade, folks). He would have missed this game since it is not on one of our four current (bad mainstream) channels.

Cheers to the opiate of the masses.

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