Thursday, August 25, 2005

Too Good To Be True... Unless It's True

We're here. It's only taken about a month (well, about 30 years and a month if you believe that each decision leads us to where we are- of course). We love the town we're in. We really like our house. But, enough about the good stuff (for now). Let's get the crap out of the way.

Let's see: We drove to a futon place in Brighton to buy a new futon frame to replace the one that the movers trashed (and I mean trashed- complete with staples and tape to try and hold together the torn wood), stop by Target to pick up a shelf and computer desk to replace the old ones (pause for sadness; I put our IKEA desk together in Bellingham right before grad school; that desk has served us well). Got home to open up our futon frame and realized they gave us the wrong color. Oh, well.

So, we've been spending some of the night unpacking, taking (A LOT) of photos of all of our damaged goods (bed frame, mattress, dresser, TV, table and chairs- all still usable but banged up) that will be sent in with the claims forms so that we can collect our wopping .60 per pound. Yeah, that works out right. For future reference, avoid A&G Vanlines out of California. They suck.

I just finished entering grades for my summer course (oops- a day late) and Ed is currently checking out NCAA 2006 College Football on Playstation. I appreciate that we need a break, so I'm blogging. We're trying to let go of our "stuff"- reminding ourselves that it is just that- stuff- and all replacable (at a nice interest rate- we really should just change our last names to debtson). I do feel a bit like I've been robbed; those people didn't give a shit about our stuff; they just threw it around like it meant nothing. Ultimately, it doesn't. But, now, well, maybe the throw-away society attitude thrives in the moving company world's mentality.

But, back to good. Tuesday started off terrible (the good's coming). We woke up and drove to BU so I could stand at a pay phone for 30 minutes on hold with Verizon since our phone had yet to be hooked up and we hadn't received our internet installation kit (apparently that ended up in Pennsylvania). Jack, rightly so, was cranky and easily sick of touring the foyer. After checking email in the library, and receiving no response from the potential nannys I was going to interview, I realized that I had less than two weeks to find competent, loving, part-time child care. HA. Like the woman from BU's family services told me on the phone (3 times), "you'll be lucky to find anything."

We got Jack home to take a (late) nap (by the way, he's sleeping like a rock star). I drove BACK to BU to post a panicked call for childcare on Craigslist. Within about 10 minutes of posting, Ed called to tell me that a woman in our area- who I had called earlier- called and had one opening for her day care. I called her immediately to find out that, 1) she takes part-time kids (hard to come by in the day care world); 2) the hours we need her work find with her schedule; 3) she charges practically nothing; apparently she has just kept the rates for the same for the last 20+ years she's had a daycare; 4) when we visited, we found her in this old, amazing home that is immaculately clean; 5)Jack warmed up to her right away; 6)she has five other kids, all under age 4 - perfect for Jack; 7) she provides meals, and is tight with everyone in the community, including the firemen and policemen who she often has visit in their cars for the kids. I asked her if she was an angel.

Honestly, when I was on the phone with one of the parent references, I felt a wave of gratitude upon realizing that this was a good thing-- the real deal; I knew it right away (a kind of opposite feeling I had about our moving company). Later, a bit paranoid, I explained to Ed that it seemed to good to be true. And he just said, "yeah, unless it's true."

So, even though we've lost some of our possessions and had to pull out the plastic more times than we would have liked this first week in our new town, what matters is good. Jack is adjusting wonderfully, our amazing gracious friends gave us the key to their place in Boston so we could crash for a few days waiting for our furniture, and we have the perfect childcare situation. That's enough for now. We'll think about school/work in a few days- after the unpacking.

Next post will be more about Boston- the town(s), the driving (!!@#@!), the people (quite friendly) and the weather (eek).

Good night.


  1. Anonymous10:04 PM

    Praise the Lord!

    We just love reading about your days, God bless you all and the best is yet to come!

    We send our love from Oz!

  2. Anonymous2:02 PM

    Glad to read you've made it. Sounds exciting and frustrating, but I think exciting will settle into good. I'll have to check the weather channel to interpret the comment. Jack sleeping like a rock star means staying up half the night and sleeping in? I'm going to be 62 this year so I guess you have to translate for your Aunt. Love to your all, Aunt Janice

  3. Anonymous8:39 AM

    Glad all is going well, so far so good!
    Thinking of you lots
    Look forward to new photos of Jack!
    love to you all
    Tricia in sunny england