Saturday, July 02, 2005

Not Such a Big Deal

Someone recently pointed out to us that moving to Boston really isn't that HUGE. Yes, it's a big move and the transition will no doubt be considerable, but in the scheme of things- what we're doing isn't that big of a deal. It's not like everything (our happiness, our success, our wellbeing) relies on this move. Sure, some days it feels like that, but ultimately, to quote EBTG's song, "One Place" again, "you can be happy or unhappy anywhere."

I've been trying to keep this in mind at night- I've had trouble falling asleep and feeling, well, discombulated. I'm simultaneously getting excited about living in Boston while begining to mourn leaving Seattle. It's all quite confusing emotionally.

Everything is just starting to fall into place (we think). I picked up a class at Edmonds CC this summer (Tuesday and Thursday nights) and since the quarter ends the third week of August, we know we won't be moving until mid-August (we still need to work out the logistics of the moving van, getting to Boston, etc.). Ed found a potential place to move to in Rosindale. Our friends in Boston will be checking it out early next week. It's a two family home - the owner's reside upstairs; we'd live downstairs. My only concern is that they have three kids- with a fourth about to be born anyday. I hope the walls/ceiling are fairly sound proof. I do like the idea of knowing another mom who might know about childcare options. This place is the best place we've found- and it's deleaded (no lead in the paint). 9 out of 10 places we call on have lead and since it's illegal to live in a leaded home with a child, our search has been frustrating. But, this place has a washer/dryer, new appliances, is in a residential neighborhood, is in our price range and close to transportation. It is also 9 miles away from the first Community College to get in touch with me about a possible job. A woman from the Writing Center at Mass Bay CC emailed me on Friday- she wanted to see if I was interested in applying for a team-teaching/tutoring position (yes!). While it probably pays a bit less than a strictly teaching gig, it's definitely a foot in the door.

So, of course things aren't such a big deal now that they seem to be coming together. While there are still plenty of variables and countless items on our "to-do" list, the essential basics (funding, job, place to live) are falling into place. Now if I can just get a good night sleep :)

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