Saturday, July 09, 2005

Blogging in a Vaccuum

We really are the most self-centered family on the planet. I was just perusing some favorite blogs, reading a handful of posts about the recent terror attacks in London, and realized that as a part of the blogging community, NOT mentioning them in some way is, well, hideous-- particularly when Ed has family in England (very few near or in London, but still).

I did wonder about the individuals Thursday morning- were any of them embarking on a new life? Maybe going to a job interview or heading to the florist to discuss wedding flowers - or even, god forbid, a pregant woman was going to a routine OBGYN appointment? Little did they know some crazed lunatic (whoever the F**K they are) intented for an appointment with shrapnel.

Seems I've (yes, me again) been craving perspective lately. I really don't need it that badly.

I think I'll focus my prayers across the Atlantic for awhile.


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