Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Thorn In Our Sides

Tracy Thorn, vocalist for one of our favorite bands, "Everything But the Girl," wrote the following lyrics for the aptly titled, "One Place:"

"I think we maybe all rely too much on one place,
But I never would deny the need for one place."

The push and pull of comfort and adventure hinted at here feels close to home for us as we are gearing up for the move to Boston. Since I've never lived far from the house I grew up in, and as Ed as called the Northwest his home for most of his life, leaving our base, our security, and our foundation is both anxiety-ridden and exciting.

I find myself looking out our big back windows over our luxurious view of the water and the lights on the land across the sound and I often realize just how much I don't want to leave Seattle, our friends and family, and our daily routine. I soak in the familiar view of the trees in the skyline and wonder how Jack will adapt to his new room, new housing, and new city. But then I think about our visit to Boston in April and remember the promise of the unknown and the opportunities to create yet another life for ourselves. Funny how I feel so safe in this place and yet how alive I feel heading into what will be our new place. I just hope it becomes home fairly quickly so the transition isn't too tough. But, then, the transition is the price of new beginnings. The reward is more appreciation for the things and people that we might take for granted now.


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  3. april8:56 PM

    Great blog so cute!

  4. Aunt Ceo7:32 PM

    I LOVE IT! Beautiful!