Tuesday, February 19, 2013

OMG I'm 39

Walking into the kitchen to make coffee yesterday, it hit me: I'm 39. But, rather than dwell on what that means (or doesn't mean), I started to think about the last decade. Here's a snapshot:
  • 2003 (Age 29): Graduate with Masters Degree in English, move to West Seattle, begin new career as part-time English instructor, miscarry, get pregnant
  • 2004 (Age 30): Have first child (Jack)
  • 2005 (Age 31): Move to Boston, become freelance textbook editor
  • 2006 (Age 32): Secure full-time, tenure track English Instructor position 
  • 2007 (Age 33): Move back to West Seattle for second full-time, tenure track English Instructor position
  • 2008 (Age 34): Become Writing Center Coordinator, get pregnant (a year earlier than planned)
  • 2009 (Age 35): Have second child (Reese), create new position at work as a mentor to online instructors (which gives me a lighter teaching load), Jack starts kindergarten
  • 2010 (Age 36): Adjust to life with two children (clearly, a lazy year)
  • 2011 (Age 37): Witness death of husband (with children and close friends)
  • 2012 (Age 38): Face grieving process head on, move from teaching into administration as Associate Dean, buy first home and move
  • 2013 (Age 39): C'mon, it's only February 
I was reading over the few posts from the last year, noticing how often I said that I was exhausted or tired or some version of extremely sleepy. Honestly, it sounded a little whiny. But, I read this list and wonder how I didn't take more naps.

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