Wednesday, August 19, 2009


For the first three weeks of Reese's life, we couldn't figure out who she looked like. She has the most perfect round face and head that looks nothing like anyone in our immediate family. She also makes faces that don't look like anyone. She has a particular face that means she is peeing which is hysterical; she'll purse her lips into a perfect O and bug her eyes; we know that fter her lips go back to normal, it is time to change her diaper. The second picture reveals this tell-tale peeing expression.
At first, I thought Reese resembled the shrunken head guy from the end of Beetlejuice (where Michael Keaton is in the waiting room of the afterlife), especially when she is filling her Pampers. But, I just looked up still images from the movie and let's just say that Reese is much cuter.
But, last week, she made a few faces that - ever so briefly -- reminded me of my mother. Yesterday, Jack, Reese and I went down to my sister's and mom's to play in their yard and swim in their pools (a kind of last hurrah to summer) and I asked my mom if she had any baby pictures. She has one (!). Lo and behold, it was like looking at my daughter. So, I feel like I gave birth to my husband with Jack and now my mom with Reese. Genetics are amazing. My mother's head is, like Reese's, perfectly round, as is her face. While I haven't been able to capture a photo yet that looks like my mom, I have no doubt I will soon enough.

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