Tuesday, February 24, 2009

(Nearly) A Year in Pictures

This weekend, I decided to download the pictures from our camera--only because our memory card was full. We had 327 pictures from the last year (spanning summer 2008 to february 2009). While I won't load them all here, I did realize that the blogs I tend to revisit the most have photos. Here's a highlight of our last year (I'll keep it down to 7 or so photos).

More soon on the coming baby, the current kid, and how realizing that I took on too much at work has impacted my ability to have coherent conversations after 7 PM.

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  1. Ed, laura, Jack & soon to be new Baby, the pics are great, keep them coming! let me know when you find out , boy? or girl? ( my gut feeling? another boy) miss seeing you kids. take care love you sll, Aunt Pattie