Monday, September 10, 2007

Just Skim. This is Mostly about Pictures

Transitions have perks. When you’re living out of suitcases, leaving one life behind in anticipation of starting another, there are benefits. For one, you tend not to think about all the class planning you have yet do to because your books are packed away in a container heading somewhere through South Dakota. You also don’t have to worry about whether your outfit will work for the day because you only packed a very small amount that would fit in a suitcase already more than half full of toys and diapers. Oh, and did I mention the fact that you get to live RENT FREE in a large home with a big yard where most meals are free. My mom and dad were amazingly gracious and generous the three weeks we stayed with them, having put us up with a perfect shower head and a television in the bedroom (we go so used to it that last Saturday while Ed was watching Notre Dame, Jack walked into the bedroom where I was unpacking to tell me that we needed another T.V. so he could watch Sponge Bob. I’m beginning to consider it.). Jack loved the visit so much he tells me at least once a day that he misses Nana.

We are practically settled into our new apartment in West Seattle and it’s nice. The library is across the street and the grocery store only 50 feet further than that. Jack’s been at Alki all but two days since we’ve moved in and I’m loving his ability to form the “ch” sound when he asks, very clearly, “Can we go to the beacchh today mommy?”

All the same, I’m also having to face our new life reality – and all reality, good or otherwise, has a kind of permanence to it that contrasts with romantic transitions. Things like realizing that I’m not getting my first paycheck from my perfect job until the end of October. And, partly because of it, we won’t have any kitchen chairs for at least another month, forcing us to eat on the floor and/or couch for just a bit longer. And, planning? Ha. I just picked out books for my classes. Ed’s been good; he’s been organized and diligent. Me, I’m starting to see how the joy of transitions is just a fancy way of defining procrastination.

So, in the spirit of hanging on JUST ONE MORE MINUTE to the last three weeks in the middle of our fifth life as a married couple, here’s a handful of pictures from Ed’s drive from Boston to Seattle with his brother Steve (the first picture, driving somewhere in the middle of the country) and nephew, Elijah (the second picture, fighting car sickness in the back seat).


  1. Anonymous10:14 AM

    Great photos, just need Jack in the middle one and it would be lovely to have theall the kingston men 2nd and 3rd generation together!

    Moving is great, think of it as a clean slate, cant believe i have lived in this house 10 yrs, am planning to decorate and reorganzie my office, that daunts me let along moving, oh how it all changes the older you get:)
    love you all

  2. Anonymous10:08 PM

    Welcome home Laura, Ed and Jack! Hoping you stay awhile within driving distance to this big ole crazy family!! We all missed you kids! As time goes by everything will fall into place for you, Your "One Place". And when the time is right a new little one to complete your family. Love to you all Aunt Pattie & Uncle Bob

  3. Welcome back! I am glad that you guys made it safely! I ran into Kim and Scott last weekend and we were talking about how fun it would be to get together! Let me know when you have time to breathe and we will try to work something out!