Monday, August 20, 2007

Tacoma Transistions

I'm sitting at my mom's computer in Tacoma while Jack's reaching into the candy bowl tellng me he's too full for lunch (at 9:05 AM) - which makes sense only because I just told him we'll share my dark chocolate candy bar after lunch. To be clear, "full" means healthy food "full." His chocolate stomach, much like my day today, is wide open.

Jack & I landed in SeaTac last Tuesday night after a perfect flight. The last week has been mostly about trying to finish up my online class - which consisted of choosing between work and sleep. Sleep usually won out. But, now, my class is over and I feel fully planted in the Pacific Northwest.

Last week was also about looking for places to live in West Seattle. It boils down to paying a bit less for a smaller apartment or quite a bit more for a decent home in a decent neighborhood. I'm waiting for Ed to help make the decisions.

Ed gets in town tonight- he's been driving across the country with his brother and 11 year old nephew. The last two days he's talked, his voice had the slightest hint of tension- kind of like we were talking right before the Titanic went under. I can't imagine spending the entire day in the car, let alone three days in a row (the second and third days they stopped early to visit friends and family).

So far the move back has been the complete opposite of the move to Boston. No major surprises (like crazy devil movers). Things seem a little smaller here, even West Seattle. Maybe that's the comfortability factor.

Jack found a cookie. Probably should deal with that....

Nah. It's Nana's house.


  1. Anonymous11:27 PM

    Welcome Home Laura, Ed, and Jack!!It's wonderful to have you home again!! Now we can enjoy watching Jack grow up! What a joy that will be. We hope to see you all real soon! Love Aunt pattie & Uncle Bob

  2. Anonymous7:09 AM

    Yes -- Welcome Back!!