Thursday, April 05, 2007

Can't see the Forest for the Trees because we're busy scrounging pine needles out of our dirty fingernails

I just read one of my favorite blogs, Her last two blogs (the one about her kid's 39th month newsletter and the one with pictures of the new house they bought with the money they make blogging) brought me to tears. We're just so far away from having our own home with a big yard and kitchen. Jack turns three this summer and he'll be lucky if we can scrounge enough dough together so he can move from his crib to a real bed. Yes, I'm pitiful. Yes, this semester is still kicking our ASS. And, yes, I think it will all be worth it some day. I just hate to be reminded how far away that glorious some day is.

The hardest part was hearing how her brother is moving to her town from Seattle (gulp) and how her entire family will be together where he daughter can play with all her cousins (double-gut-wrenching gulp). Us? We're looking at another year in Boston where the three of us will sit around a Christmas tree while Jack gets used to the familiarity of the very small immediate family. The one where the mom and dad couldn't get it together to find him a decent preschool in time because we're so wrapped up in just trying to adjust to all our work -- and so will be cutting even more time out of getting work done so that we can offer him some kind of structure to prepare him for Kindergarten.

Thus ends the P.I.T.I.F.U.L. fest that is my blog entry. I plan on wallowing with Ed on our futon (!!! will we ever be adults !!!) and watching Entourage, Season 3 on DVD. Oh, and maybe a few G&Ts.

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