Thursday, August 24, 2006

Family Vacation #2 East Coast Style

It's been nearly a week since our return from our three-day trip to Portland, Maine and I'm only now getting to downloading and posting pictures. I've been in one of those "I'm so lazy I'm exhausted moods." The kind that I like to justify by saying my body and soul are resting in preparation for the coming school year.

I just spent about too long trying to download pictures to this post. For whatever reason, it isn't working. So, for now, you'll have to invoke your mind's eye. We spent three days in Portland, Maine, walking around old port and eating at restaurants. We visited the Children's Museum and bought tickets from a stranger to a sold-out Portland SeaDogs baseball game, of which we were able to watch all of about three innings. Other than that, we hung out in the hotel where Jack slept in one of the double beds while Ed & I slept in the other. We haven't slept in a double bed since our first year of marriage. The first night we fell asleep facing one another, but when I woke up in the middle of the night, I noticed that there was a gaping space between us, our butts hanging off of each of our sides of the bed - apparently, we were both subconsciously worried about crowding the other person. It sounds like we are courteous, but it's more likely that we are hyper aware of Jack's AMAZING ability to crowd a bed,--yes even a double bed--and didn't want to mimic the same behavior. Each night I lay down next to Jack (he went to bed early; we went to bed late at 9:30/10:00) until he fell asleep. The kid moves around (violently) for about an hour before settling in. Somehow, I manage to fall asleep in the midst of his pre-sleep wrestling routine, only to wake up on the edge of the bed with Jack's feet kicking my stomach (as he's completely perpendicular to me).

Anyway, Ed & I both realized that vacationing with child is like life with child. Ninety percent of the time, it's all about the kid and that's just how it is. Lovely, unpredictable, fun, and always just a little bit exhausting.

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