Sunday, July 23, 2006

So I've yet to meet a casual Red Sox fan. You know, the type of fan who knows it's baseball season and that's about it. Seattle and the Northwest are full of casual M's fans - the type that root on the M's if and when a playoff run comes, but until then probably wonder, "does that Ichiro-guy still play for them?"

There's nobody like that here. Everyone knows where the Sox are playing throughout the season, who's pitching, and everyone, at all times, knows exactly how many games away we are from the Yankees.

We went out to dinner with Adam and Elizabeth last night.

"We killed you guys yesterday. Five home runs... didn't you love it?" teased Elizabeth.

I did know the M's were hosting the Red Sox - but that was about it. Between the World Cup, school, and everything, baseball has been on the back, back burner. All I could muster was some lame comment about Jamie Moyer still in the starting rotation at age 55.

So we watched the last half of the M's-Red Sox game this afternoon. Jack even got into it, putting on his baseball cap backwards and wanting to "play base-baaaaaalll!" Safeco Field looked great in the sun. Of course it did. What's the saying, "the infield grass always looks greener...."?

M's won on a walk-off homerun. Take that Red Sox Nation.

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  1. That was my favorite cow of the whole herd! That was a good day - broken shoe and all!! Thank You for all your hospitality! xoxo

    (sorry no comment on the baseball clubs - You said it all as far as I'm concerned!)