Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Our rug was disgusting. Not black-from-filth-disgusting, but gross enough to motivate me go rent a Rug Doctor from the grocery store.

Ahhh, a clean rug - a great feeling. Right up there with full-tank of gas, the shine off your tires once your car's been washed, and the moment right before you start to eat a great dinner you've made yourself. What would you call those moments if you had to give them a name?

Thankfully, Ukraine lost to Spain this morning by 4 goals, temporarily preventing the U.S. from being the worst team at the tournament this year. Dr. Z (my grad advisor) is the sport psychologist for the Spanish National Team (how an American who's considered a hockey-guy got a sports psych gig with Spain at the World Cup... is a long story) - he was at today's game. Should be fun to hear his stories - "Jesus, I mean they really get into the game over there...did you know they sing the whole game?"


In what may turn out to this World Cup's best-game-I-really-don't-care-about-but-got-sucked-in-anyway was Tunisia vs. Saudi Arabia. I know! But two late goals made it a dramatic game nonetheless.

Got to the gym again today. I'm kinda on a roll - feels good. I do that - go stretches with little to no exercise then fall into a good habit of working out. Happened in the summer of '93, winter of '95, spring of '04, and now this summer. Better enjoy while it lasts.

Watched Germany and Poland play while I was on the elliptical machine. I think ESPN has done an ok job covering the tournament this year. They still do little annoying things like show how many fouls each team has (like it matters) or the number of corners kicks - but they're trying. Showing the national anthem of both countries at the start of the game is a nice touch. ESPN explained there's always tension when these two teams play each other. They say a lot of the tension stems from the 1974 World Cup match between 'em when Poland didn't want to play the match because of the condition of the pitch and ended up losing....hmmm, not to disagree with the announcers, but I got a feeling Germany's invasion and occupation of Poland at the start of WWII might have something to do with it too.

If you hate history and soccer, you're hating this post - too bad - it's once every four years. Deal.

England plays Trindad & Tobago tomorrow morning. I'm hoping England scores so many goals Trinidad has to give back Tobago - and I'm an American, so God only knows how bad the British want to win this game and wrap up their group.

Laura's promised to post a World Cup-free blog tomorrow.

C'mon England!

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