Sunday, May 28, 2006

So Put On A Happy Face....

Ed & I will be married 10 years this October. In the last decade, admist all the ups and downs, moves, and life changes, one thing has been consistent. Ed makes faces. He has made a bevy of hideous faces-- most of which I thought were directed at me. I'll say things like, "Ed, can you get off the internet and help me pick up Jack's toys?" to which he'll squint his eyes and contort his mouth -- one of the many expressions that I interpret as "yeah, whatever." or "that's the stupidest thing I've ever heard." Of course, I also imagine that the tone of these expressions resembles that of a rebellious 14 year old adolescent boy.

For nearly the last decade, Ed has insisted that he indeed is not intentionally making any faces either at the situation, or worse, at me. I've never believed him. Not until a few months ago when Jack began making the same faces. I happened to be lucky enough to capture one of these faces on film. Wouldn't you think that Jack was looking at me, about to say, "What the hell do you want, momo? I'm busy!" When, actually, he's just playing cars on the keyboard and telling me about it.

Never underestimate the power of a child to give you fresh insights into your spouse's behavior. Of course, I do realize that Jack is indeed, Jack, and not a mini-Ed (despite the evidence). And maybe, just maybe, Ed is making faces at me because he's annoyed. Maybe Jack, too. I think that I'll err on the side of trusting that the facial muscles are involuntary and bear little to any connection to my guys' reaction(s) to me.

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