Friday, May 26, 2006

No blogging for the past couple of days since we were up in the White Mountains of New Hampshire since Wednesday. Our goal this summer is to see some other parts of New England besides the greater Boston area, so when our daycare person offered us her vacation at this mountain resort, we jumped at the chance to get out of the city.

Google Maps told us to take I-95 north to the New Hampshire border. What did people do before Google Maps or MapQuest? Ask someone for directions?! Sheez - how did we live? So north on Route 1, onto I-95, and in 30 minutes we were in New Hampshire. Interesting state - New Hampshire, funky little shape of a state with a thinly vailed death threat for a state motto (Live Free or Die - it's on the lisence plates).

The White Mountains is the place to ski around here in the winter, but really they're just some hills in upstate New Hampshire (its highest point is Mount Washington, at 6000 feet, the highest point east of the Mississippi River). C'mon, I'm not being snotty, we're from Washington. We grew up in the shadow of Mount Rainier - not a exactly a big hill with snow on top of it, is it? Nice country though, and a nice drive - reminded us of the North Cascades - this area would be gorgeous in the fall with all the color from the changing leaves.

We'll post more tomorrow. Our place was nice. Quiet too, maybe too quiet - the area reminded both of us The Shining. If we had found a hedge-maze, we would've been out of there!

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