Monday, May 15, 2006

Don't blink

You know the year's going by quickly, when you blink and April's turned to May - blink again, and May's already halfway over. By the time I finish this post, it'll probably be June.

Not that it feels like summer - we had about 7 inches of rain in the past 3 days...I kid you not. Where does it all go? Well, about an inch of it is in our basement. Nothing's wet, everything we stored down is on shelves. It is kind of a pain to negotiate from the bottom of the stairs to the washing machine without getting your feet wet. It's not that bad though, I make into a game of Hot Lava. And who doesn't like a good game of Hot Lava? Who's with me?

Jack is now putting words together without hearing them first. Today he pointed to the stroller by the door, looked at me and said, "Go. Walk. Dadda." So we went for a walk. Still waiting for Jack to point to the TV and say, "Go. Irish. Make. Chicken. Wings. Dadda." All in good time, all in good time...

Drove up to school to meet a sport psych buddy about writing some sport psych articles for different magazines/journals. First though, I stopped off at the local cafe for a mocha. The Most Miserable Barista, we'll call her Miserable B, was working the cash register. It's not that she's just glum, it's the fact Miserable B looks pissed to just take your order that grates on me the most. "canI helpyou..." she manages to mumble when you approach the register. I delight in asking for my coffee card to be stamped and not tipping her. The CD playing on the cafe speakers was Madonna's Like A Virgin - when did I turn old enough for a musician's music to turn from cool and hip, to played out, to not cool, to so unhip it's cool again?

After dinner we took a family trip to BJ's (think Costco). I never tire of a store like BJ's. I mean, my God, it's a 20-pound bag of Cashews....a 20-frickin' pound bag! If I worked at Costco or BJ's that would be my pet-peeve, people who walked around exclaiming, "that's the largest bag of Pizza Rolls I've ever seen! Look at that!" It would get old fast. We didn't get the cashews - but we now have enough garbage bags and olive oil to last us until 2008.

The West Wing ended last night - probably the most anti-climatic series finale in the history of television - The Andy Griffith Show probably ended with more drama. Scrubs season finale tomorrow (really the only show besides The Office I make a point to watch). I've decided it's too late to get into Lost.

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