Thursday, April 13, 2006

Simplifying: Sort of

I realize now, after nearly a year of blogging, that it was somewhat ambitious of us to start up two blogs with the expectation of regular posting. Lately I've been thinking that we should blend 'jackjoy' and '1place' into one blog, because, really, the journey of parenting is as much, if not more, interesting than the our individual/married life journies. Of course, it's even more ambitious to figure out how to do that exactly without losing all of our posts from both blogs over the last year. And, we don't want to lose any posts- I also realized recently that is essentially Jack's baby book. So, one of my goals this summer is to figure out how to blend and/or upgrade our blog without losing any posts. In the meantime, we'll be posting life updates- including Jack updates- on this blog.

I've included two pictures of Jack below to let the 'blending begin.' Jack & I met Ed at BU yesterday to watch their men's soccer play Boston College. I had just purchased sunglasses after suffering an oncoming glare headache (the kind of headache I embrace because it means warm sun). Jack loves sunglasses and wanted to keep them on as long as possible.

Ed will tell you that as sports psychologist, his job is not "on stage" (e.g. on the field with coaches), but "off stage," so he does his best to be invisible at games. Jack didn't help much. The kid flirted with the girls behind us and then walked around the track near the field, pretending to throw and kick some imaginary ball, yelling, "oh! NO! each time. He also felt it necessary to blend the bear crawl with some form of toddler push-up, some exercise routine no doubt establised at day care to prepare the kids for their inevitable future in the army. When the game was over, Jack stood up straight, and properly clapped as if an opera had ended. We then went out to dinner where Jack, holding his hands together in a kind of prayer/more signal, exclaimed a loud and clear "MMMMMmmmmm" when we let him have a drink of our diet coke. We've banned "soda" from the house.

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