Wednesday, March 29, 2006

What's up with Scrubs?

Our Netflix queue has season 2 of Scrubs - three discs! "Scrubs" is our "show" this year. Every year we get into one television show and can't ever get enough. Last year it was "Sex and the City" (better late than never); the year before that was BBC America's "Changing Rooms." Ed brought up how we used to get genuinely giddy when there was a two or three hour marathon. Anyway, this year it's "Scrubs." Because of the Winter Olympics, this year's season didn't begin until after January, so NBC would run TWO episodes in a row - two NEW episodes. It was awesome. Now that they have some new show about 'teachers' (like I need to watch that), we have been cashing in our Netflix for as much Scrubs as possible.

Last night we watched the regular episode on NBC and realized, after watching the complete first season a few months ago that there are some strange changes. If you are a Scrubs fan, can you explain J.D.'s insistance on channeling the late John Ritter? Or, Jordan's odd look (is it plastic surgery or some kind of disease?). We are concerned and want to know. Besides, these are puzzles that are worth thinking about- better than planning our lives or something. .

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  1. Anonymous9:45 PM

    What a Great Picture of the guys - I especially like Jacks great (new to me) smile. He is loving your company and of course being with dad! -
    OK ..OK - Sounds like you are settling in! Defending Boston? - You have me a little worried... but relieved too - relieved that you are adjusting,in a positive way, living far away from here.
    xoxo Mom (Nana Wilsie)