Monday, March 06, 2006

So you might have noticed we haven't been good trying to keep up with our daily blogging. Laura told me all 3 of our loyal readers have probably given up on us by now. But we're back and we pinky-swear to keep up this time, even if our readership is down to 1 person.

I think winter is starting to give way to spring here in Boston. Gorgeous sunny day today and the temperture must be in the 40's. As much as I love the snow and wintertime, the thought of warmer weather and sunshine makes me smile.

Spring Break for me this week - my spring break trip was a quick 2-day trip back to Seattle to watch the 3A State Basketball tournament in Tacoma. Now before you ask what in God's-Heavenly-Name did I want to fly 5 hours to spend 13 hours watching 16 high school basketball games, I will tell you it was some quality-time. Why the state tournament? Drama, man! The human drama! [cue Wide World of Sports music] ...the triumph of victory, and the agony of defeat...

Yes, Laura is amazing for green-lighting this trip.

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  1. Anonymous6:50 AM

    Hi - I just wanted to let you know that I, probably of more than a few, enjoy and look forward to your blog updates! xo Carolyn (Mom to Laura and Nana to Jack)