Wednesday, February 22, 2006

When did the Winter Olympics turn into the X-Games? I just can't get into judged sports. It seems so.....subjective. Snowboards are fine, as long as there's a race.

Snowboard Cross.

Now there's an event I can get into. Contact: allowed. Oh, you can't push or pull someone down, but if in the event you're trying to get around an opponent and your board happens to clip the board of the person in front of you, and said person happens to fall flat on their face - well, that's just part of the game.

I always get into at least one event for the Winter Olympics. In 2002, it was curling. (Don't laugh, what event were you sucked into this past week and a half - the biathalon? I'm not judging.) This year - it's snowboard cross. The Goal: be the first one to the bottom of the hill. That's it. We watched all the qualifying through to the finals. No tricks necessary - just don't showboat if you have a commanding lead and you're 5 seconds from winning the gold medal.

Now that's drama!

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