Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The new year wasn't two weeks old and our family faced our first crisis of 2006. The TV was broken. Ok, let me go on record now by saying I wish this wasn't a huge problem. Honestly, it isn't. But c'mon...our TV... was broken. No sports, no Sex & the City reruns, no Sesame Street, no Playstation...

We had to decide how long we could go without a television. One week? A month?

We headed out to Best Buy the next day.

Went and saw Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire on Sunday. Wasn't disappointed, but wasn't thrilled either. I can imagine it's pretty hard to adapt a book into a movie, let alone one of the most popular books in recent memory into a 2 1/2 hour movie. Still, the movie lacked....oomphff. At the end, a character is killed and the main villain is reborn and on the loose. If you were like me - you were shocked, shocked, by the end of the book. Cedric died! Lord Voldemort is alive! Holy crap!

I still can't get used the actor who now plays Dumbledore (I miss Richard Harris). The new guy will always be the slimy executive he played in the movie, The Insider, [in southern drawl] " I know you know the contents of your confidentiality agreement Jeff-rey..."

The kids will be what, 25, by the time they start shooting the fifth movie? We voted the actor who plays Ron, Most-Likely-to-Appear-in-The-Next-Guy-Richie-Movie.

Of course, Snape is the best thing about every Harry Potter movie. How could they ever recast that role?

Book 4 (Goblet of Fire) ends on an ominous, serious note and I liked that. I didn't feel like the end of the movie had the same tone- kind of like, oh, everyone's bummed, but hey, the school year's over, aaaaand scene. Here's a question for all the HarryPotter-niacs out there: was Dumbledore's line, "hard times are ahead Harry, soon we'll all have to make a choice between what's right and what's easy," in book 4? I'd go look, but I know we have readers who already know the answer to that question.

And is there anyone out there who still loves going to the movies? For cryin' outloud, $9?? Commercials for TV shows?? 2 dozen pointless movie trailors??

I guess we can always watch the movies on our new TV.

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