Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Boston is looking suspiciously like Seattle today. Weather is windy and rainy, with tempatures in the 50's. So much for the much feared Northeast winters...

School started up again yesterday. I had two classes yesterday and the Fellowship class this morning. First classes are as enjoyable as, oh, I don't know, dental work. The professor always asks for everyone to stand up and introduce themselves.

Hello, my name is _________, my program is ____________, one interesting thing about me is __________________.

Shoot me now. Please.

I like spring semester because you feel like a seasoned veteran. You know which elevator is faster in the SED building. You know which 1st floor vending machine is a good place to get change for the parking meters. And you don't feel like such a loner. It's always good to see people you got to know last semester in a class this semester.

Even the people that annoyed you by being such pretentious snobs in class last semester don't seem all that bad. Like the guy in Qualitative Research last semester. Oh, he's still a pretentious boob, but now I know his name is Marcus and he's in Administrative Policy and Training.

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