Friday, January 06, 2006

Another Reason We Need to Be Sure All is Good in Iraq

I'm a closeted pro-Iraq war gal. Hell, we stayed in Germany for YEARS after WWII to make sure everything was okay (no, we DON'T know it all, but we - the U.S.- have some beneficial influences). Why not hang out in Iraq to help those who, yeah, want some personal liberty (guess what, folks, it just might be universal that EVERYONE wants individual rights). And, yes, secure some P.R. to keep the black stuff flowing (we're all buying it).

Anyway, it hit me tonight. Well, after a second, rather full glass of rather fine Wilamette Valley Pinot Noir (hey, girl), I had Ed pop in the third disc of Sex and the City's third season (my political views withstand any lack of sobriety). My sister, whose husband is actually currently probably embracing his wife and two children after a year in Iraq himself, was generous enough to have her husband (while still in Iraq) pick up the last ENTIRE disc set of the famed HBO series from some street vendor for one of my favorite (okay, FAVORITE) Christmas presents. Other than some bad graphics on the cover and some copy mistakes on the back, it seemed to be fine. And has been through the first season. But tonight, when Ed pressed play on the 2nd season's third disc, we realized that it was just a copy of the first disc of the 2nd season. I was disappointed. If anything, we need to be sure we stay in Iraq to be sure that this kind of mistake -- along with the random killing of thousands of people by the insurgency and the complete erasure of women's rights -- does not happen again.

Sick by my fickle, materialistic comments? Can't believe I'd compare missing the ongoings of a too-likeable New York City columnist who inhabits a much, much too small body with the peril of an entire region? Well, I'll tell you this- I think it's a shame that it takes half a bottle of Pinot Noir to admit that I support that the American way of life is, well, something worth striving for - Carrie Bradshaw's upper class problems included. We all should be so lucky to have them.

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  1. Anonymous11:22 PM

    sober up, girl. people are dying. real death. real agony. real grief.