Friday, November 18, 2005

Damn, It's Getting Cold

This morning on the news the nice Boston weather man said that tonight's low would be 16 degrees. I promptly turned to Ed and told him that I was "out" - pack my bags, I'm heading back to the balmy northwest.

Yes, I am a weather wuss. You see, I've grown up in Tacoma, Washington- where we really don't have seasons, where it stays around 50 degrees for nine months out of the year. Yes, I can take the 40+ days of rain and the rare glimpses of sun. And, yes, while I do greatly appreciate the gorgeous fall colors, I just looked up yesterday and discovered that winter is indeed HERE. And, I can assure you, I have no idea what WINTER means - not yet anyway. The trees are bare. I miss my evergreens. I miss wearing the same coat from September to April.

Tomorrow we are going shopping for winter coats and such. I've already spent nearly $40 on hair products to keep my hair from turning into the straw the cold, dry weather (and radiator heat) is turning it into.

Cheers to everyone out there who endures and survives the seasons. I'm planning on spending much of my time viewing it all from inside the house- working those extra hours to pay for our gas bill.

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