Thursday, October 06, 2005

The Worst Thing about Muggy Weather is how DIRTY everything feels

And not in the good way. By noon, it feels like all the dirt clinging to the surface of the concrete sidewalks is also desperately clinging to me. I dread walking into the house where our hardwood floors and immense (to us, anyway) cream tiled kitchen floor are a week away removed from a good cleaning - and who knows when they'll get another scrub since I've been putting off buying more swiffer wet things because they don't work that well and I don't like to spend the money on things that don't work very well- and yet I won't buy a mop because it costs more than the nearly useless wet mop wipes. So, I grabbed a cold shower before dinner - hoping to cool off enough to appreciate the muggy warmth (nope) -- and then after dinner (thanks, Ed, for cooking at the hot stove), was wiping up the dirt spots with a washcloth. My hair is still wet, so that helps.

This isn't complaining by any means. I'm just trying to accurately relay the weather here. Things are going well. The reason for my unwanted heat communion with the city sidewalk is because I'm traveling to the South End every morning for my freelancing editing gig. It's going well, but I have a feeling that there are NO MOMS (or DADS) in the office. By 11:00, when I'm scrambling to get through the production edits of some lesson-- in order to get take the bus, T, bus to pick up Jack from day care in time for him to take a nap before his "sleep window" closes and before the incessant hammering and sawing form our landlords' endless home improvement projects ensue after a lunch break-- I can hear the laxidasical (my god, is that how that word is spelled- call me editor queen) conversation in the adjacent cubicle about where's the best place to go for lunch. Lunch? Here's my Odwalla bar crumbs.

I'm starting to think that a relatively hectic life means a successful one. Without trying to beat the clock, I don't appreciate the time we do get- like tonight. Ed's got a shit-load of homework looming over him, but because he has Monday off (Columbus Day - apparently a much more appreciated holiday in Boston than Seattle), or because it's the end of his long-ass week, we're popping in a DVD: "Good-bye Lenin." As long as it is somewhat interesting, we'll be happy. Just lull us into a a mental place where we aren't thinking about next week's work load so we can sleep soundly tonight.

By the way, the weather is going to be cold and rainy this weekend. Thank goodness. It might even feel like the Northwest at times: 57 degrees and wet. Now, that's more like it.


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