Monday, October 31, 2005

Snow for Halloween?

It snowed 2 inches on Saturday and today it's 67 degrees and sunny. Go figure. I was sad for a millisecond Saturday night when the snow started to melt. I say a "millisecond" because I remembered right away the calander still read October. I mentioned this to our neighbor, a Boston native, and he looked at me with a mix of disgust and bewilderment.

"ya haven't seen much snow in yor time, have ya?"

School is at that point in the semester where I'm not quite sure how everything's going to get done. I went through this in grad school at Western. I'd reach a point where I'd think, "damn, I got a lot of crap to get's it going to happen?" Of course, December (or June, if it was Spring) would come and everything would be done and I could finally exhale. It's just that right now December seems really far away.

Not that I'm complaining about school. Or "exhaling", as Laura might tell you, it's not like I DON'T find the time for a game on the PS 2 or some quality time with my helmets.

So school is busy: papers, projects, presentations, the usual. My internship with the soccer team is winding down as the season comes to a close. Winds down for now, because college sports are year-round basically, and my sport psych work really picks up during the off-season. The coaches have liked my stuff so far, and in sport psychology consulting, that's half the battle. The Very-Cool part of it is I really enjoy the work I do with the team.

My fellowship is going well too. It's for a Intro to Teaching class for underclassmen. On Mondays I lead a discussion section and on Wednesdays I supervise some of them at an elementary school in town. "University Supervisor" sounds official, but really I sit in the teachers lounge and finish my homework for the week.

I'm still riding my bike to school at the start of every week. It's gotten easier and the traffic doesn't scare me as much. The weather is still pretty good, so I'll probably keep riding until it gets really cold and snowy.

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