Thursday, September 15, 2005

What We'll Have for Breakfast

Before I quit my teaching gigs, I went to an orientation at one of the community colleges I was working at. I met up with my not-to-be fellow instructors and somehow we got on the discussion of blogs and blogging. One of the tenured ladies (note small hint of bitterness at the term "tenured") scoffed a bit, commenting that she didn't understand why anyone would want to read about what someone else had for breakfast. In the spirit of annoying that woman off and in the spirit that our readers actually do care about our daily lives, we thought (yes, Ed & I are writing this together) we'd update you on some of the more mundane happenings in Boston.

Without further ado, here's the "best of Boston - so far"

Best Meal Since I've Been Here

Ed - steak tips and mashed potatoes from Bases Loaded near Fenway
Laura - homemade Cuban burgers with garlic mayo

Favorite Day So Far

Our visit to Waldon Pond

Favorite Thing About Our Place

Ed - we have a yard
Laura - our lavender bathroom with jacuzzi tub

Not So Favorite Thing About Our Place

Ed - the fact that we only have one bathroom
Laura - cleaning our hardwood floors (good thing you can't see our feet)

Favorite Boston neighorhood (other than our own)

Ed - Back Bay
Laura - Jamaica Plain

Something We Didn't Expect From Boston

Ed - Friendliness of strangers
Laura - how much I like the clear distinction between seasons

Jack's Favorite Things About Boston (other than turning 14 months old today)

Sidewalks (walking them forever) and slides!

Oh, and tomorrow for breakfast we are planning on having scrambled eggs, boca sausages and tea. Jack will have soymilk (vanilla flavored), too.


  1. Nana(alias)MOM(alias)Carolyn10:00 AM

    Life is in the details - and I am interested in all of yours that I can get -- I look forward to reading your blog - and when we do get the chance to talk on the phone - knowing some of your details makes our conversation even richer!!

    April, Lily, Daisy and I are having a girls weekend - We got Frank on the plane to go back to Iraq this morning and Dad is having a golf weekend with the guys- I must get to work for a couple of hours today and come home to take the girls to the Penquin movie (Lily and Daisy's first experience see a movie on a bigger screen than ours) the "BIG" screen)

    Hope to talk to you this weekend- and we can say our weekend was spent with all us girls getting together ...(kinda) (wish you were here too!) xoxo

    Happy 14 months old Jack!! I will get your farm toy to you soon!!

    You are all in my prayers.

  2. I just have to say the HELL do they think she stays so skinny?!! Kate Moss weighs like 5 pounds. What, every one is under the impression that somehow, with all that money and spare time she just is magically able to keep from eating and working out and still weigh less than I did when I was born? Please. 'Fess up. Yes, our model uses cocaine, people. We are aware of it. We are aware that if she were to stop she might, very understandably, BALLOON up to an ungodly wieght of 115 lbs and we simply cannot have that. She will continue to feed her body white powder and you will go find somebody else to harass. Ms. Zelleweger got herself married and divorced in the time it takes most people to decide on what they want to be for Halloween. Here's to working things out.