Sunday, September 04, 2005

My blog duty

Apparently it's the duty of every blogger to comment on Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath. So here goes.

The Media: good coverage during the tragedy, reminded me that they're still capable, but they also share some of the blame for hyping storms in the past. You also don't help by making people think a Bewitched-style nose wiggle would make help magically appear.

The President: It's perceptions that count, stupid. I think President Bush waited one day too late to let people know he was on the job...I know, I know, "what really could he do?" But in times of crisis, Americans need to know someone is on it.

The mayor of New Orleans: Ok, let's add this up -- 400+ city buses and 200+ school buses at your disposal in the days before the storm hit...uh-huh, I'd be pissed at me too.

The Left: You can beat Bush over the head with this all you want. It won't help. They remind me of people who see the image of Christ everywhere (in a cloud, a stained wall, a pita). Instead of Christ, they see Bush at the root of all the world's troubles. My mocha wasn't that good this morning... fucking Bush. Keep this up people and Bush'll be able to appoint another person the Supreme Cour....oh, wait.

There, that's it. I've done my blog-triotic duty. Remember: When it starts to go down, get the heck out of town.



  1. Anonymous3:51 PM

    Sounds kinda rough in Boston. Laura, I know you did the right thing, and I can't understand how badly teachers are treated too often. That's why they have unions, Huh? anyway sorry to hear so many overwhelming things happening. WE just need a good earthquake here to really begin to feel it is the beginning of sorrows! I've been to New Orleans by the way, and I hope they decide to not rebuild it. It is a huge mess and has been a disaster waiting to happen for some time. NOW on PBS did a show on it a few years ago, and predicted exactly what would happen, and now it has. Some one said, "WE can't let this beat us." But I say sometimes you have to do something wise, not prideful, and study the possibilities. Hope Jack is providing some sweetness to your life. God bless for now. Love, Aunt Janice

  2. Anonymous1:51 AM

    um president of the world's super power waits too long to do anything, not a good move .just another bush mistake he is good at them!
    Mayor, has buses ,where were they going to move the people to??????
    now other areas will help but would
    they have before the levy broke?